For cells transfected with plasmids carrying a selectable marker, a variety of techniques can be used to select, sort or isolate your target cells.  Useful markers include antibiotic resistance, fluorescence, and surface markers.  We offer products compatible with each type of marker and selection technique.

Antibiotic resistance

Gibco antibiotic bottles for cell culture

Select an antibiotic for which your transfected cells should be resistant.

Cell sorting by flow cytometry

Icon of cell with three bound antibodies of different colors

We offer a comprehensive selection of target antibodies for cell sorting utilizing flow cytometry. Use our selection tool to find the ideal antibodies and reagents for your experiment.

Cell isolation by magnetic beads

Dynabeads magnetic  bead with cells

Gentle, tube-based magnetic separation with Invitrogen Dynabeads or MagniSort beads are technologies of choice when you want to isolate high yields of pure, viable, and functional cells.

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Selection of transfected cells is an optional step and only applicable when cells are transfected with plasmids carrying a selectable marker such as antibiotic resistance, fluorescence and surface markers. Learn more about developing your transfection strategy or gain useful insights on transfection basics and techniques.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.