Rely on online analyzers that are robust and relevant

To maximize return on investment through process optimization, online analyzers must meet exacting demands, measuring variables that impact significantly on process performance with exemplary reliability. We will work with you to establish solutions that combine trouble-free, cost-efficient slurry sampling with precise and accurate measurement. We’ll deliver data you can trust for sound decision making in an accessible format that maximizes its utility and value.

Elemental analysis - PGNAA/PFTNA

Our prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) and pulsed fast thermal neutron activation (PFTNA) solutions deliver market-leading performance: exemplary precision, uniform measurement, and high repeatability. With solutions tailored for a variety of industries, including cement, coal, sinter, copper and many minerals, for material blending, sorting, heterogeneity monitoring, and stockpile control, as well as for process slurry streams we have you covered for every application in which PGNAA/PFTNA can deliver value.

Measure, track, value, and implement more easily

Measure every element of interest, track value and performance, and implement robust, precise process control, whatever your industry or application needs.

Thermo Scientific CB Omni Agile Elemental Analyzer

Thermo Scientific CQM Flex Coal Analyzer

Thermo Scientific GS Omni Analyzer

Thermo Scientific ECA-3 Elemental Crossbelt Analyzer

Elemental analysis - XRF

Our X-ray fluorescence (XRF) solutions combine sampling and measurement to deliver exceptionally reliable process analysis with maximum availability and minimal maintenance. Offering the flexibility to measure at an optimal frequency for process control applications, they represent a cost-effective choice for a wide range of processes.

Cost effective, reliable process analysis

Invest in a flexible, integrated sampling and measurement system for elemental analysis at the frequency you need for effective process control.

Thermo Scientific AnStat-330 Online Sampling and Elemental Analysis Station

Thermo Scientific MSA-330 Multi-stream Slurry XRF Analyzer

Density and particle size measurement

Our material property measurement solutions are easy-to-install, low maintenance and robust, specified for 24/7 operation within the process environment. Providing complementary data to elemental analysis, they allow you to establish a comprehensive platform for the rigorous control of cement, coal, and mineral processing operations.

Gain rigorous control of cement, coal, and mineral processes

Measure key material properties that influence performance in critical unit operations such as froth flotation and grinding to ensure truly optimal process control.

Thermo Scientific DDG3 Digital Density Gauge

Thermo Scientific PSM-500 Particle Size Analyzer


Our high availability sampling solutions make it easy to extract a representative sample from the process to safeguard the relevance of your process data. Sampling accuracy and availability are critical when it comes to implementing online analysis for process control. Make sure your sampling is effective and trouble-free with solutions that have proven performance over decades, in applications across the globe.

Accurate representative sampling

Sample reliably and representatively, and with low head loss, to generate relevant process measurements while simultaneously optimizing plant layout and reducing manual input.

Thermo Scientific Gravity Feed Sampler

Thermo Scientific Pressure Pipe Sampler

Thermo Scientific SamStat-30 Representative Slurry Sampling Stations


Our software ensures that an investment in online analysis delivers real value. Whether it’s an intuitive interface for your operators or application-specific tools for automated blending we have software that will ensure your online data is at your fingertips and ready for use.

Easy to use

Analyze, present and use process data with ease to improve process control and maximize the ROI on analytical spend.

Thermo Scientific COBOS Coal Blend Optimization Software

Thermo Scientific RAMOS Raw Mix Optimization Software

Thermo Scientific PREBOS Pre-blending Optimization Software

Thermo Scientific AccuLink Performance Optimization Software

Thermo Scientific Omni View Software