Molecular Probes Handbook

The most complete fluorescent labeling and detection reference available, The Molecular Probes Handbook—A Guide to Fluorescent Probes and Labeling Technologies contains over 3,000 reagents and kits representing a wide range of Invitrogen Molecular Probes labeling and detection products. The significantly revised 11th edition features extensive references, reorganized content, and new technical notes and product highlights.

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Table of Contents

Fluorescence Fundamentals

Part I—Choosing a Fluorescent Label: Their Properties and Labeling Chemistries

Part II—Detecting Biomolecules: Signal Amplification and Secondary Detection

Part III—Decoding Cell Components: Nucleic Acid and Protein Analysis

Part IV—Probing Cell Structure: From Organelles and Membranes to Whole Cells

Part V—Probing Cell Function: From Cell Viability to Ion Flux

Part VI—Integrating Technology and Instrumentation

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